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ALSAF follows the Moto: Work Hard and Play Harder! We Invest Lots to Ensure Our Guests Have a Great Time At Our Events to Celebrate The Accomplishments of Each Campaign.

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ALSAF organizes and hosts numerous fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  At the end of a campaign, to commemorate and celebrate reaching our goals, ALSAF hosts exclusive events.


Events range from a gala to a weekend of golf to other special activities with our celebrity fundraising chairs and randomly chosen donors like you.  Events are collaborations between the celebrity chairperson and their chosen charity.


So how do you get to join in the celebration of reaching a charitable campaign goal?


Simply donate $1.00 to the charity of your choice through ALSAF’s Donate page.


That’s it. If you want to donate more to a cause that is great. Please note, that increasing the number of donations or the amount of your donation does not increase your odds of being chosen to attend an event.

ALSAF was built on the premise that small contributions, by lots of people, can build into very powerful things.  The power of One.  One person. One dollar.


Are You A Charity That Wants to Present Your Cause to Us? Or, Are You Interested With Discovering More Ways You Can Get Involved? We Invite You to Contact Us So We Can Discuss.