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ALSAF is dedicated to helping charities by leveraging social media, our extensive network of high profile individuals and their network of friends and followers.

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About The Founder


One of seven very lively children, Eric Dunson, ALSAFs founder and CEO, was born in Greenfield, Ohio. His father was a successful nursing home administrator, and his mother was a respected registered nurse. The family was very active in their church, local community, and many civic organizations. As Eric says “giving to others and caring for others was an inherited trait.”


Eric and his siblings attended Edward Lee McClain High School. Established in 1915, the school was progressive and ahead of its time – it was racially integrated well before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was in this setting that Eric became life-long friends with people from very different backgrounds.


The school’s environment augmented his family’s emphasis on community participation, giving back and treating all with respect and dignity. With a strong family and community, Eric and his siblings accomplished several significant academic, athletic and musical accomplishments while supporting each other.


After attending college in Ohio, Eric joined United States Navy. And there began his thirst for travel and the desire to understand other cultures and peoples. Upon completing his four years of naval service, and being honorably discharged, Eric was blessed to meet his best friend – who later became his wife. Together they have raised three children, all of whom have gone on to be successful adults in both their personal and professional lives.


A natural extrovert and people person, Eric has built a broad and deep network of friends and colleague over the years that include celebrities and personalities from musicians to actors to athletes. Matching a charitable organization with his network, Eric seeks to bring attention to causes while also contributing to charities and foundations that seek to solve some of the most challenging needs of our time. This is the genesis of ALSAF.

ALSAF was built on the premise that small contributions, by lots of people, can build into very powerful things.  The power of One.  One person. One dollar.


Are You A Charity That Wants to Present Your Cause to Us? Or, Are You Interested With Discovering More Ways You Can Get Involved? We Invite You to Contact Us So We Can Discuss.